Contact lenses vs Eyeglasses

Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses; one is not necessarily better than the other. Each has its pros and cons in terms of vision, ease of use and eye health.

Pros of using Eyeglasses

Easy to Use: Being able to easily take eyeglasses off is a major advantage over contact lenses.

Less Risk: Eyeglasses does not need direct contact with the eyeballs, which means there is less risk of infections and discomfort like those associated with contact lenses.

Protective Shield: Glasses gives the eyes great protection against wind, dust, debris and sunlight. Using glasses gives a lesser chance of dry eyes, sensitive eyes or gritty eyes.

Fashion Piece: Eyewear or eyeglasses are fashion pieces and  lifestyle You can choose from a variety of frame to fit your style.

Cons of Using Eyeglasses

Uncomfortable:  Participating in rigorous physical activities can be overwhelming because of the fragility of your pair. You may not like the weight of the glasses on your nose or the pressure on your ears. It feels more comfortable not anything on your face during some extra-curricular activity.

Facial Marks: Wearing glasses for long may leave marks on the nose bridge and the upper part of the face where the temples sit.

Weather: High humidity levels can make glasses fog which leads to blurry vision. Glasses get splattered in rain and snow which can also distort ones view. Glasses also form fogs when wearing face mask for a long while.

Pros of Using Contact Lenses

No Frames: Contact lenses give you the freedom of not having to wear anything on your face. Your personal preference might be to preserve your look or just maintain comfort.  Also, wearing contact lenses allows you to comfortably wear non-prescription sunglasses a lot easier.

Extra-curricular Activities: With contacts, you don’t have to worry about any thing breaking while participating in any sports activity.

No Vision Distortions: You get to see everything crystal clear as wide as your eyes can see. Frames are no longer there to obstruct your view.

No Fogs or Scratches: Contact lenses do not fog or get wet like glasses while using or when worn for a very long time.

Make-up Friendly: If you like eye make-up, you have nothing to worry about with contacts, unlike glasses, contacts do not compromise on eye make-up.

Cons of Using Contact Lenses

Daily cleaning: Daily cleaning routine is a must. You have to make sure that the contacts are clean and free from dirt or germs to avoid any eye infection.

High Maintenance: They are easy to lose when they are out of your face. They need to be replaced often and require more in terms of maintenance.

Eye Infections: Certain eye infections can prevent you from wearing contacts and force you to wear glasses if you cannot function without your prescription. On the other hand, contact lenses can cause eye infections in not properly maitained

Vision Correction: Contacts do not work well for certain types of vision correction. They are not for all prescription types.

Takes Time to Master: Unlike glasses that you can easily put on and off, contacts takes time to master. That’s why it takes a certain level of responsibility and self-discipline before deciding to use contact lenses.

Forgetting them while you sleep: Sleeping with contacts can result in serious eye infections that can lead to corneal damage, surgery and in rare cases, loss of vision.

There are both pros and cons to either eyeglasses or contact lenses, the decision of which to use really depends on you and the conditions attached. Contact lenses are great aesthetics for the face but, so are eyeglasses! A fashion piece.

Hope this helps you easily make a decision on which to pick for your face.

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