Getting kids to care for their eyeglasses

Kids are full of energy, always active, playing around, and having fun.  We are always teaching them how to play safe, be responsible, and take good care of themselves, whether on how to change their clothes, brush their teeth daily, or cross the road. How to take good care of their glasses shouldn’t be left out either! Glass care for kids requires special attention.  Below are tips on how to guide your child to care for their glasses.

Remember, choosing the appropriate eyeglasses for your child and taking care of it is a top priority, use this as a guide to help you in the process and don’t forget, your child will surely remember this adventure, so make sure you have fun.

Glass Care for Kids: Let them pick 

Children always take care of what they like, so, let them select a frame of their choice. Your job is to encourage them to choose frames that will fit them. Wearing glasses for the first few weeks normally feels uncomfortable, so allow them to get used to it. Later, they will develop a love and care for their glasses.

Show Them How to Clean Their Glasses

This is the simplest thing you can teach your children regarding glass care. How else will they know if you do not teach them? It is important because children’s glasses easily accumulate smudges and dirt while playing, in school or in parks. Staying with fogged or dirty lenses might make accidents more likely, due to reduced clarity of vision and depth perception.

Store Glasses In a Case

Remind and encourage your kids to store their glasses in their case whenever it is not in use. Leaving glasses on tables, sofas, loose in their bags can easily cause glasses to break. Let your kids make a habit of putting their glasses in cases.

Wearing Glasses Properly

I know you’d be wondering can someone get it wrong? Hold on, Hear me out

Show your kids how to use both hands to grip both side arms of the glasses to gently take the glasses on or off to fit properly. This helps the longevity of eyeglasses. Using one hand to wear your glasses stretches out the side arms and makes it loose at the hinges which is a major contributor towards broken glasses.

Keep a Spare Pair

Children will always be children!  It is good for you to keep a backup pair of glasses for your children, especially for any parent whose children wear prescription glasses. A spare glass will serve as a backup before a proper pair gets replaced

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