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Say Hello, New Sloane Here!

Today we launched a new logo to mark the beginning of a new phase in the Sloane & Co. brand. We loved our old logo and we know you did too. However, growth comes with change and we agree that growth is good and welcomed. Hence, why we are here to explain the new logo


Sloane & Co. has evolved over the years and we are proud to launch the new company logo as part of the growth the brand is experiencing. We embrace this new change and here to explain why we evolved from the old logo.

With time we noticed how playful the old logo was and how it did not carry or represent the uniqueness of our brand. As a luxury brand, we wanted the logo to portray that, and with the old one, it was easy to get it wrong. Our old colour was also not an easy decision but we had to pick what represented us and you – because together, we make Sloane & Co; a luxury brand.

It is refreshing, simple and a representation of class. This reflects who you are to us and what the future holds for the brand.

We chose a simple yet modern logo representing calmness in a busy world – Less is More. This also aligns with our mission to provide quintessential quality and service through our eyewear brand.

The “eyeglass logo” is bolder and shows class and high taste in eyewear. The logo structure is aimed to give a minimalist look with carefully picked colours that complement each other. This enables flexibility in terms of aesthetics and modern looks. The ‘Paris Grey’ colour represents luxury, which is what Sloane & Co represents – a luxury brand. Alongside a bright pastel yellow to complement the Paris grey with a black mystical colour that represents elegance.

We not only aim to present ourselves better, but to also make you proud of the brand. Part of the changes we are making is providing the best service as a luxury brand. In the upcoming month, just so you can get the very best of Sloane & Co., we are planning to launch something new! Just keep checking us for updates so you will be in on all our plans.

Therefore, the next tasks we have is to update the branding and marketing materials with our new logo. If you are one of our ambassadors, please assist us in updating the new logo on platforms you will be using. We appreciate your support and look forward to an even better future!

Say Hello, New Sloane Here

With love,

Sloane & Co.

Loving Fashion, Living Eyewear.

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