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Born in the humble heart of northern England, now reaches every continent on the globe with 2 decades of designing international couture clothes, spiraling hand made garments to the paparazzi fest of the London fashion week. Sloane & Co takes its designer Acumen from the pinnacle of British designing and originality with 20 years of optical experience, including clinical practice.
Sloane and Co eyewear has the great vantage of their perfect fusion. Giving rise to a truly unique blend of beguiling spectacles. Our range celebrates and draws inspiration from all walks of British culture from the signature Sloane & Co premium luxury brand. This is unequivocally the absolute last word of refinement. Made of natural materials such as titanium and certified sustainable FSC approved wood.
Through to Oliver Sloane, a sophisticated collection with understated elegance. Along with the Varsity Sloane which screams out the ambition, inhibition and the vitality of the British Youth scene.
Through to our urban London range which embodies the London street life.

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