The Family Business

20 years Loving fashion, Living Eyewear.

A freelance London fashion week designer, and an Optometrist, collectively with over 20 years of experience in fashion and optics, came together and gave rise to Sloane & Co. With her touch of style and his optical expertise, Sloane & Co. is a truly unique blend of beguiling spectacles.

About the Frames

Celebrating Great British Design, each hand-crafted frame designed in England takes inspiration from creative districts around London. SLOANE & Co. eyewear collections are meticulously produced to deliver a fashionably British Designed Eyewear, incorporating Vintage finish Pure Titanium, Real Wood and Premium acetate collections offering durability and quality, stylish frames without compromise! From the classic rectangle and oval styles to the daring and dazzling 70’s inspired square eyeglasses, our frames come in various shapes and colours to suit all tastes and characters. We Love Eyewear!

Sloane & Co. Lenses

Our lenses are lightweight, impact-resistant, and made from premium quality materials utilising the latest technology and innovation. Most lenses are crafted by our experienced technicians at our cutting-edge lab. At Sloane & Co., we value authentic individuality and self-expression, and these are the things we keep in mind when we design and curate our Eyewear.

Our Values

We believe in responsible product design. Our family business & collections are built upon the pillars of craftsmanship, quality and honesty. With us, accuracy is non-negotiable.