Celebrity Visits

We are an independent Optician in Hale, Cheshire. We specialize in providing the pinnacle of luxury eyewear to the very discerning clientele. Our concierge-locked door service ensures a comfortable and relaxing ambiance with refreshments and complimentary organic juices. Our optometrist, Mr. Iqbal has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of roles such as hospital optometry and has been teaching at the University of Manchester. Along with his wife, Mrs. Iqbal, who has been a fashion designer for years, they are now concentrating on specializing in their private practice in Hale. Mr. Iqbal is the official eye care partner of the Manchester United football club, which values his sport-centric visual assessment. Our happy clients include the Goalkeeper from the Irish national football team and many Cheshire housewives to name a few. When you are due for your next sight test, please do consider us. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with us as we will leave no stone unturned to your patient satisfaction.

Harry Maguire

He has been at the heart of England’s defense through the world cup and has a fantastic personality. To make sure he’s always on guard, Maguire had his eyes examined by our expert opticians.

Bailey Peacock-Farrell

We scored the goal when Irish professional football team goalkeeper, Bailey booked an appointment with us. Keep catching those balls.

Magali Gorrè

The bubbly and fiery Magali Gorrè, one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She has written numerous books and football pieces for publications like Esquire, Grazia, and The Telegraph. We hope to feature in your next publication.

Seema Malhotra

We were delighted to host Seema and her wonderful smile at our store.

Sacha Lord

Sacha Lord’s visit to Sloane and Co gave us the “Cheshire” cat smile all day long. It was an honor having a great man like the Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester get his eyes examined by our opticians. Thank you for choosing us, we hope you love your new HUBLOT frames and premium Zeiss lenses.

Janet Bruce

It was a delightful experience with homemaker Janet Bruce, spouse of Steve Bruce, the former manager of West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United star.

Ralf Rangnick

Excitement was the theme of the day when German professional football manager, executive, and former player, Ralf Rangnick popped in for an appointment with us. We hope you enjoy your new Lindberg frames Ralf!

Mitchell van der Gaag

Assistant manager of Manchester United, Dutch professional football coach, and former center-back. Played 208 times in the Eredivisie for NEC, Sparta Rotterdam, PSV, and Utrecht, scoring 19 goals. An absolute honor to host a legend.

Fern Maguire

It was terrific having Fern in the store. She is an absolute joy to be with, and she had a fantastic time with our founder, expert opticians and stylist. We would love to see you again, Fern.

Shaun David Wane

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Head coach for the England rugby league team to our store. Shaun David Wane has a discerning eye for quality and a refined taste in eyewear. We were honoured to have the opportunity to assist him in finding the perfect pair of glasses that suited his style and met his specific visual needs.

Phil Jones

We were delighted to welcome Manchester United and England defender Phil Jones to our store and impressed by his knowledge and passion for eyewear. He was particularly interested in our range of luxury eyewear and took the time to try on several different frames before making his decision.

James Mainwaring

Regular checkups are very important to ensure your eyes are healthy. Be like James Mainwaring, Premier League referee who recently visited our practice for a comprehensive eye care checkup. Book an appointment today.

Lauren Simon

We were thrilled to welcome the renowned reality TV star, Lauren Simon, for a special session at our opticians. Our team couldn’t contain their excitement, and our smiles were as radiant as the Worcester Cats! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lauren for gracing us with her presence and making our day truly memorable at Sloane & Co., Hale. We can’t wait for the opportunity to welcome her back soon. Stay tuned for more exciting celebrity visits!

Peter Bankes

When top professionals like Peter Bankes trust us, you know you’re in exceptional hands. We proudly provided Peter Bankes, the renowned English football referee, with bespoke Lindberg reading glasses and a meticulous Optomap scan to safeguard his vision’s well-being.
Optomap, our cutting-edge digital retinal imaging system, is here to revolutionise your eye exams, revealing an extensive view of your eye health.
Your vision matters to us, so we’ve embraced the latest technology to enhance your eye care experience.
Ready to discover the perfect blend of style and health? Join us at Sloane & CO Hale today!

Wade Smaith

Even the toughest athletes know the importance of taking care of their health. Wade Smith, the English referee, understands the significance of maintaining optimal vision. He recently chose Sloane & Co for a comprehensive eye examination and the state-of-the-art Optomap procedure. Just as he protected the quarterback on the field, Wade’s commitment to his eye health is equally unwavering.
Join Wade in prioritising your eye health today.

Michael Salisbury

English Premier League referee Michael Salisbury knows the importance of a clear perspective on the field. That’s why he entrusted his vision to Sloane & Co. for a comprehensive eye examination, including the state-of-the-art Optomap technology. With Optomap, we leave no detail unnoticed, ensuring Michael is always at the top of his game.
Precision and clarity matter, Whether on the pitch or in the optometrist’s chair.
Choose Sloane & Co for your vision needs today!

Anthony Taylor

When English Premier League football referee Anthony Taylor takes the field, he knows every decision counts. That’s why he recently visited Sloane & Co. for a top-notch OPTOMAP and eye test.
Just like the players he watches over, Anthony Taylor understands that clear and healthy vision is the key to making the right calls. At Sloane & Co, we’re proud to have supported his vision, helping him stay at the top of his game.
Join us in celebrating the professionals who trust Sloane & Co. for their eye care needs. Because when it comes to vision, we’re in a league of our own.

Zoe Maguire

At Sloane and Co, we’re all about family-friendly eye care, and that’s why we were thrilled to have Zoe Maguire, the mother of England’s star player, Harry Maguire, in our midst.
Zoe, we hope you adore your brand-new, handcrafted Moscot frame, complete with blue shield lenses to combat glare. It was our pleasure dispensing this stylish eyewear to you.
Just like your son shines on the field, we aim to make your vision shine, too!
Thank you for trusting Sloane and Co family.