Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects the optical nerve, which is an essential part of the eyes responsible for good vision. The damage is mostly caused by abnormal pressure in the eye. The disease is one of the leading causes of blindness in most adults over 60 years of age. Although this eye defect can occur at any age, it is mostly found in older adults. 

One of the primary concerns about this eye defect is that it has different forms, and it doesn’t have a warning sign that can be detected early. However, there are some known symptoms that you would have to familiarize yourself with to avoid late detection of the eye health issue.

Glaucoma Symptoms 

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of Glaucoma, which might vary based on different factors and the stage of your eye condition. They include;

Open-Angle Glaucoma

  • The patchy blind spot of your eye is mainly affected, and often it happens to both eyes. 
  • A blurry vision in the advanced stage of Glaucoma.

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

  • You would consciously experience a severe headache
  • Uncontrollable eye pain 
  • Constant vomiting and nausea
  • You would often cringe at sudden exposure to lights and increased brightness.
  • Eye redness

Generally, the above symptoms and signs of Glaucoma are what you would experience. However, the symptoms might be mild and also occur differently in individuals. Also, one of the significant impacts of Glaucoma is that even with early treatment, about 15 to 20% of people who have the disease become blind in one eye. 

When Is The Right Time To See A Doctor?

It is hazardous for a person experiencing the above signs and symptoms to wait for the doctor’s appointment because delaying could cause more harm. To salvage the situation, book an appointment with a qualified doctor (ophthalmologist) around you. Also, you can book a pre-screening appointment for online consultation if you are extremely busy or incapacitated. With the help of Sloane and Co qualified ophthalmologist, you would be able to get appropriate advice on how best to approach your eye defect situation. 

Causes of Glaucoma

The primary cause of Glaucoma is the damage caused to the optic nerve. In contrast, the nerve gradually deteriorates while impacting your visual field significantly. However, the doctors haven’t decoded the real cause of the nerve damage and what is responsible for the increased pressure in the optic nerve.

The build-up of fluid in the eye causes the optic nerve to get affected while the fluid flows across the inside eyes. When the aqueous humor fluid is overproduced, the draining systems that should drain the fluid malfunction causing a blockage to the flow out rate and increased pressure in the eyes.

Based on medical research, it has been confirmed that Glaucoma tends to run in families. Moreover, scientists have successfully identified genes related to high eye pressure and optic nerve damage. 

The Risk Factors Responsible For Glaucoma

The chronic form of Glaucoma can easily destroy your eyes and cause a great deal of damage. Your eyes might have been damaged before any signs and symptoms of the defect itself. There are a lot of risk factors you should beware of, which include;

  • Intense high eye pressure
  • Old age above 60 years 
  • Race: Black, Asian or Hispanic 
  • Long term family history of Glaucoma
  • Pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and sickle cell anemia 

Possibly Prevention Effort 

To avoid your eyes hosting Glaucoma, there are some steps you should take to detect Glaucoma in its early stages and prevent vision loss. 

  • Get regular eye examination: the best way to detect glaucoma is to have a comprehensive eye examination every once or twice a year if you are above 65. At the same time, you should examine your eyes once in 5 years if you are below the age of 54 and once every ten years if you aren’t up to 40 years of age. 
  • Exercise safely: regular and moderate exercise is also a key to preventing Glaucoma. It is best to talk to your medical practitioner about the appropriate exercise.  
  • Take a trip to memory lane: It is also important to know about your family history and the possibility of Glaucoma in your family, increasing the risk of Glaucoma.

Wear eye protection: A severe eye injury can cause Glaucoma to your eye. Wearing an eye protector would help prevent severe damage to your eyes. Activities such as sports high-speed rackets sports and all sports in an enclosed court must be performed with an eye protector wonder. 

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