Right eyewear frame colour for your complexion

Right frame colour for your complexion

I know my face shape and the right frame shape for it, but the glasses still don’t look fabulous on me. Are you battling the same problem? Well, it is probably because you keep going for the wrong colour. Knowing your face shape and going for the recommended frame shape doesn’t guarantee that the frame will suit you. It would be best if you considered another essential factor which is your skin tone.


The skin tone is as important as the face shape when it comes to choosing the right frame. Knowing your face shape helps you decide which frame shape to go for; knowing your skin tone tells you which colour to go for. The skin tone is of three types, “cool”, “warm”, and “neutral”. So how do you know your skin tone? Well, you need to know your skin undertone first.


In simple words, skin undertone is the colour under the skin which brings out the overall skin tone. There are various ways to know your skin undertone, but the most common one is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If the veins are green or yellow, you have a warm skin tone, and if the veins seem blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. Whereas if you can’t tell which colour the veins are, then you probably have a neutral skin tone


People with warm tones seem to fit in well with warm frame colours like brown, gold, green, orange, off-white, pink, red and yellow. And as for people with cool tones, cool colours like grey, blue and purple are indeed meant for them. The warm and cool skin tones are further split and categorized into three general skin shades: deep, medium, and light.

Now let’s jump into these categories and see the frame colours that fit every tone. 

Deep Shade with Cool Undertone

This is the category of people with dark skin and a blue undertone. Colours like black and purple best complement this skin. Also, colours like navy blue, forest green, mauve can fit in well on this skin.

Deep Shade with Warm Undertone

This rich dark skin colour with a greenish undertone fits in best with warm colours like deep blue, green, tortoiseshell, red, orange and mahogany.

Medium Shade with Cool Undertone

Medium or olive skin colour coupled with cool bluish or purple undertone. The best colours for this category of people include green, tinted blue, navy purple, champagne. Blue and purple are excellent choices for this category of people. Moreover, avoid any warm colour that collides with your skin colour.

Medium Shade with Warm Undertone

People with medium/olive skin colour and a feature of a green or yellow undertone. You can’t deny these peoples look in green, golden, tortoise, brown and orange. However, these people should avoid cooler colours as this will collide with their skin tone.

Light Shade with Cool Undertone

Pale or light-skinned people coupled with a blue or purple undertone. This category of people always looks wow in blue and pink frames. Other cool colours that fit these people include jewel tones and light neutral colours. More colours like brown, purple and red fit in well too. These people should avoid colours like blue or any light colour.

Light Shade with Warm Undertone

Brown, dark tortoise, green and pink are an excellent match for people with pale or light skin coupled with a yellow or green undertone.

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