Ten Fashion Blunders of Wearing Eyewear

We have all heard of fashion blunders for clothes but eyewear? That’s new and definitely interesting to learn about. Eyewear consists of items and accessories worn on or over the eyes for fashion or adornment, protection against the environment, and improving or enhance visual acuity.

Looking good in your eyewear is essential, and you owe it to yourself; however, once in a while, we find ourselves committing fashion blunders with our eyewear. Here are the vital ten errors to look out for below- 

Wearing of Sunglasses Indoors

Rap music videos aren’t real life. So that rules out wearing sunglasses indoors. Unless you have a medical condition, you have no business wearing sunglasses indoors. It’s pretentious and so inappropriate. What’s more? It’s bad manners to neglect eye contact with people you’re talking to indoors. There’s nothing fashionable about wearing sunglasses indoors; STOP IT! The sun is outside!

Wearing an Eyewear Without Protection

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when wearing sunglasses is wearing those that don’t have any protection from the sun. Of course, some sunglasses are just for show, but what you need is a pair that keeps that style in check while also preserving your eye health. It’s essential to invest in good eye protection due to various eye conditions, which begins with overexposure to harmful UV rays. Sunglasses labeled UV 400 provide nearly 100% protection from damaging ultraviolet light rays and should be an option when looking out for eyewear.

Assuming A Particular Style Suits Your Face

Shapes are different sizes and suit different frames; it’s, therefore, essential to mix them up to know what works best for you. A general rule of thumb is that a rounder face suits a square frame, and a square look tends to fit rounder frames with varying degrees in between.

Having the wrong dimensions on

You wouldn’t buy a shoe that doesn’t fit, so don’t do the same with your shades. Most sunglasses are usually marked with measurements to give you a more excellent idea of how they’ll fit.

Frame sizes are essential as each person’s head has slightly different dimensions, so consider your face width and factor in the main features.

Most sunglasses have three measurements hidden inside the frame: the first for lens width, the second for the gap between lenses and the width of the nose bridge, and the final offering the length of the arm.” As a general rule, the frame’s overall width should roughly match the widest part of your face.

Holding Your Glasses with One Hand

Removing your eyeglasses carefully with both hands isn’t much of a work; stop being reluctant! Eyeglasses are soft, and taking them off with one hand can cause damage to the frames.

If it’s necessary to take off your eyeglasses with one hand, ophthalmologists suggest removing them using the centerfire to avoid stretching the frame.

Un -Usage of Glasses' Case

There’s an important reason why your eyeglasses come with a case.  Therefore, leaving your eyewear inside your bag, pocket, or car seat is a blunder. You do this by making them easy to scratches and damages. Then, with the help of a case, you have them scratch-free.

More Than One Person Using Your Eyewear

Just like our toiletries, which are personal items we don’t like to share. Your eyewear should be unshared as well. Everyone has different head shapes and body systems. Having someone use your eyewear can cause stretch and eye pain. DON’T LET THEM TRY IT ON!

Wiping Your Glasses with Clothes

Yes, there are moments when specks of dust or sweat come in, and you have to urgently wipe them off with your clothes. It’s a fashion blunder that should not be encouraged; your clothes fibers can cause damage to your eyewear as well as scratch your lenses causing eye pains to you. So get a clean satin fibre, or better still, your case comes with a wiper.

Your Glasses Face Down

It may look like it’s OK to fold your glasses and put them face down, but don’t do it again. It’s better to place your eyewear facing them upright or be on the safer side and put them back in their cases for safety.

Not Researching

Most importantly, always research before making an eyewear purchase online. Be it for fashion trends or medical reasons. Read reviews and go through details with an optician or expert before you make a purchase. Colorsfiberses, materials, etc., all matter before making an eyewear purchase. Make sure you research.

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